Git Unable Push/Pull Via Port 22

Git unable push/pull via port 22, it seem that port 22 is blocked on some isp or if you behind proxy or firewall. To handle this, many of code hosting provider like github and bitbucket serve alternate endpoint and port, you just need to add this to ssh config, on ubuntu ssh config can be found at ~/.ssh/config, you can use nano or vim to edit/add this file. . . selengkapnya>>

Git Change Remote Url

git remote set-url origin new.git.url . . . selengkapnya>>

Gitignore Ignored By Git

One day I setup gitignore for existing project/repository, the expected result is all file/folder defined on gitignore is ignored by git when doing commit or push, but when I commit/push the code, file and folder defined on gitignore is still pushed to repository. After some google I found that git is likely caching this, and we need to delete this cache to. . . selengkapnya>>

Git With Specific SSH Key

Lately, I use gitlab for some project, but then problem happen since gitlab did not accept duplicate ssh key for deployment server, so I create other ssh key on my deployment server. After that I expect that git will work like magic and know where the new ssh key haha, but reality is not always like expectation, git did not know where the ssh key, we need to. . . selengkapnya>>

Git Cancel Local Commit

If you want to just cancel commit, you can use this script bellow : git reset HEAD~1 But if you want to cancel and discard all changes, you can add flag --hard, this flag will also make git discard all changes you made. git reset --hard HEAD~1 Source : . . . selengkapnya>>

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