Ubuntu lsb_release Not Working On Python3.6

https://askubuntu.com/questions/965043/no-module-named-lsb-release-after-install-python-3-6-3-from-source . . . selengkapnya>>

A jQuery-like Library For Python

Pyquery allows you to make jquery queries on xml documents. The API is as much as possible the similar to jquery. pyquery uses lxml for fast xml and html manipulation. This is not (or at least not yet) a library to produce or interact with javascript code. ref : https://github.com/gawel/pyquery/ . . . selengkapnya>>

Python Apps Not On Path

Last week when i installed some python application it says that it is installed but not on path, the message shown WARNING: The script xxxx is installed in '/home/myusername/.local/bin' which is not on PATH. This error happen because the script is not installed on system PATH, for temporary fix you could run PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin For permanent change you. . . selengkapnya>>

Pip Show Package Version

pip show package_name ref : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10214827/find-which-version-of-package-is-installed-with-pip . . . selengkapnya>>

Python Zoom API

Python wrapper around the Zoom.us REST API v1 and v2. https://github.com/prschmid/zoomus . . . selengkapnya>>